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Haven’t updated in a long time, eh?

No worries- no one lost the mission.

Poland Street, the residence of Butcher Boy, half of The Waldos, and most of Pamola, has been putting on shows several times a month for a while now, with a diverse array of touring and local acts. The environment is fun, warm, and friendly. A few upcoming shows have been posted in the shows section, so drop by if you can, and be respectful.

Rough Draft has a new family member: The Waldos. These guys are nuts. Billy from Pamola and Mark from Butcher Boy augment the sick, jazzy, breadwinnery work of Justin Glover and Elliot McInnis. Their old two-piece demo has been linked on their band page. The four-piece has recently recorded a five song EP that is still being worked on and may see release sometime in the future. The rough mixes for it are unbelievable. We are beyond stoked to be able to count The Waldos as a member of our family.

Work on Pamola’s EP continues on its slow, lazy pace. I’m making no promises about when this will finally be done. Hopefully before summer.

Red Medicine’s new EP, complete with bass and vocals, is more or less done, with artwork done by Thor. Once we figure out packaging, and get the stuff all assembled, we’ll post photos, information for anyone interested in buying, and a link to download the music for free as well.

Check out the shows coming up at Poland Street and The Castle in Mexico, ME.

Turn the Devil Away and whatnot

The album that we recorded for Butcher Boy back in February is ready. It’s been done for a while now, but it wasn’t until recently that everything has been put together, album art scanned, and files uploaded. It’s really good. The Butcher Boy set has already changed and evolved since these jams were documented, but the record remains a really exciting, energetic, and splendid collection of fierce and passionate country punk.

Red Medicine has also recorded a small EP, back in May. It will consist of previously captured songs but with the addition of bass and vocals, and is so far sounding pretty damn nice. Expect a final product within the next two months, or so.

Pamola is planning on recording and documenting everything they have within the next few weeks, and that process will likely continue intermittently for the rest of the summer months. Expect a couple of small releases containing this material in the future.

This weekend, catch most of the Rough Draft family at the Bridgton Community Center in Bridgton, Maine, playing a show on the 12th of June, starting around 6:00 pm. Pamola, Red Medicine, Butcher Boy, and Patter Cubs will be playing.

The following weekend, Pamola will be in Brewer on the 20th, playing at the Worker’s Center, along with The Besides, We Are The Vulture (ex-Joseph Merrick, incredible hardcore), and the great Daniel Striped Tiger on tour. That show is sure to be a good one.

Here be the Butcher Boy recorded, entitled “Turn the Devil Away”. Artwork done by Thor, who is also working on artwork for the upcoming Red Medicine EP. Please take it. And if you want a physical copy, contact us.

Download from Mediafire.

Good Stuff Has Happened, Will Happen

Some good shows have happened. Last Tuesday, Red Medicine played a set with some new material at the Café on the UMF campus. The performance was good, and some folks in the crowd most probably enjoyed it. Currently, we (Dan and I) are working on more new songs, thinking about bass players, and contemplating how to add some words to the tunes. There are plans to record some sort of EP by the end of this semester, which will have the new material plus whatever old material we want to record. More information on that as it comes along. Here’s a picture:

On Friday, Eyes Like Fire’s final show was a blast. Butcher Boy were excellent, and Jakob Battick snapped some very good photos. They are one of the funnest bands to watch. Captain Hollow are a band on their way to doing some really incredible things, and I can’t wait for them to finish the record they’ve been working on. Pamola had a good set too. We were pretty happy with how things went, and had a really great time, though the 40 minute set was pretty exhausting. And Eyes Like Fire’s final set was truly immense. It was long, packed with most every song they’ve ever played, and yet they kept pushing forward through to the end. It was ELF at the most intense, passionate, and best I’ve ever seen them, which makes it even more upsetting that they’ve called it quits. At the end, Mark smashed a guitar, and as he flung the neck, disconnected from the body, over his head, the metal bridge, still connected to the strings and thus the headstock, was pulled along and slammed into the back of his head. It was nuts. And there was a Piñata, filled with candy, and toys. Dylan Martin wrote a review of the show that you can read here. Jakob Battick took this excellent photo of Pete during the Butcher Boy set. I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

On Saturday, Pamola opened a night at Slainte, followed by Britney’s Spear, Huak, and then Jakob Battick and Co. Britney’s Spear were incredibly fun to watch. Honest, thoughtful hardcore music with terrific interplay between the two guitars and a tendency to switch into danceable, energetic sections at a moment’s notice. During the end of the set, Alan, one of the Guitarists/Vocalists, somehow climbed to the top of the set, and finished the song while sitting on top of the wall that encloses the performing space. I bought their EP for 2$, and it’s really fucking good. There is a link on their Myspace page that, if you follow, will lead you to where you can download it for free. Please do.  I’m sure we’ll see them in Maine again in the future. Bands like them are refreshing. Huak, too, were incredible. I saw them over a year ago with Mission of Burma at Space in Portland, and that was a damn good show. However, last Saturday just seemed so much more intense. Maybe because I was closer, and Slainte is a small venue, forcing people to be close. They played mostly new material that they plan to record soon, and I can’t wait to hear that when it’s done. Really nice guys, amazing music. Very exciting. Jakob Battick’s set, too, was excellent. Every time I see him and his band, the music gets louder, and more intense. However, the quiet parts of the songs remain very quiet, and the intense dynamic swells, from whispers to thunderous crashes, give his music a real cathartic aspect. Such a good night. So much good music. Please check out all these bands, and buy their records, and talk to them after a show. Here are a couple pictures Jonathan’s brother took of Pamola during our set.

Upcoming Shows and News

The idea of starting our own record label is finally becoming more of an actuality. Hopefully things go well for us.

Butcher Boy recorded a 6 song record in my living room over the course of one afternoon back in mid-February. It’s being mixed right now and should be available sooner or later. We’re all pretty stoked about this, as so far it is sounding pretty damn good.

This Tuesday, (March 2), Red Medicine will be playing a set with some new material at The Landing at the UMF Campus, 5:00 ish. The show is part of a class at UMF, called The Café Project, and there will be coffee and some other performances.

This Friday, (March 5), Pamola and Butcher Boy will be playing Eyes Like Fire‘s last show (great friends of ours, who, as a band, will be missed very much). It’s going to be a really fun evening, featuring Captain Hollow, a great new band from Bangor, ME, and The If in Life. The show is at Hastings Lounge on the USM Campus in Gorham, ME. It starts at 7:00 pm sharp.

The next night, at 9:00 pm at Slainte in Portland, Pamola will be playing with Huak (original, catchy, groovy post-punk), Britney’s Spear (from Western Mass), and Jakob Battick and Friends (Jonathan plays with these guys, who create slow, melodic music full of passion). We’re all really excited for this show and the one the night before. It’s going to be a fun, good weekend to spend in Portland.