The site looks different now, with a streamlined menu featuring links to our bandcamp and facebook pages. Both of these pages are brand new, and are part of an effort to revitalize and restart Rough Draft.

Over the course of 2012 apathy, distractions, and work prompted a neglect of Rough Draft. Most of the bands on our “roster” stopped playing, or evolved. But RD was never so much a label as a node, an interstice of the creative endeavours of a small group of people, that is, an archive. We hope to reinvigorate ourselves and to make available new music and new projects.

We have some long-term goals being planned at the moment, including a compilation and the forthcoming release of Red Medicine’s final album.

But there is new music to share. Soon The Waldos’ new, and sadly, last record will be released. Butcher Boy have recorded and released their finest, most beautiful album yet. Get that record here, at a pay-what-you-want price, and help support them. They’re currently wrapping up a national tour, and it looks like they’re only going to get bigger and better (like a boss battle).

Also, RD has put out its first thing in a long time, a lo-fi split of acoustic music from Billy Carr (Waldos, Pamola) and Matt Houston (Red Medicine, Pamola). This is the first of what we hope to be a small series of collaborative splits between friends.

Also, Dan Smith (Red Medicine) has got a new band featuring people from CUSS, Huak, and Honey Clouds. They’re called An Anderson, and they are mighty. Check out a video of their live set (thanks to Mike at Brass Cankles) or grab a sampler of their forthcoming record:

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