The Pamola/Butcher Boy/Waldos tour is still coming along, still being finalized. A few dates have yet to be filled. Once things are set, a list of dates will be posted.

Later this month, on the 30th, be sure to check out Duck. Little Brother, Duck!, Girlfriends, Grass is Green, and Red Medicine at Poland Street in Portland. It’s going to be a legendary show. Starts promptly at 6pm, donations accepted for the out-of-town bands.

Brass Cankles has posted some more sick videos from a recent house show in Peru, ME:

Red Medicine

Butcher Boy

The Waldos

It was a fun show. Huak and Wood Burning Cat played too, and tore shit up. Here’s Huak, again from Brass Cankles:

Recently, Pamola played a set at Flask Lounge with Butcher Boy and If and It. This was a kick ass show, and Hilly Town covered it here.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

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